Questions and Answers on Bursa, Turkey

1. Where is Bursa located?

Bursa is located in the northwestern part of Turkey. It is situated at the foot of Mount Uludag and is bordered by the Sea of Marmara to the northwest.

Bursa is geographically located between 40 degrees longitude and 28-30 degrees latitude, situated southeast of the Marmara Sea.

Bursa is surrounded by the provinces of Bilecik and Adapazarı to the east, Kocaeli, Yalova, Istanbul, and the Marmara Sea to the north, Kütahya to the south, and Balıkesir to the west.

2. What is the population of Bursa?

Making it the 4th largest city in Turkey.
[According to the 2019 census]

3. How is the climate in Bursa?

Bursa generally has a mild climate, although it varies in different regions. The northern areas experience the soft and temperate climate of the Marmara Sea, while the southern areas encounter the harsh climate of Mount Uludag.

The hottest months in Bursa are July to September, while the coldest months are February to March.

The average annual rainfall in Bursa is 706 mm, based on a 52-year observation period. The relative humidity in the region is around 69%.

4. What are the main surface features and bodies of water in Bursa?

Bursa has a diverse surface terrain, with distinct depression areas separated by thresholds. The prominent depression areas include the İznik and Uluabat Lakes, as well as the Yenişehir, Bursa, and İnegöl plains.

5. Which rivers are significant in Bursa?

The notable rivers in Bursa are Mustafakemalpaşa Çayı, Nilüfer Çayı (which originates from the southern slopes of Mount Uludağ and is fed by several small streams), Göksu Çayı, Koca Dere, Kara Dere, and Aksu Deresi.

6. What are the prominent mountain ranges in Bursa?

Approximately 35% of the Bursa province is covered by mountains. These mountains generally stretch in an east-west direction and include the Samanlı Dağları, Mudanya Dağları, Katırlı Dağları, Karadağ, and Uludağ, which is the highest mountain in the Marmara region, reaching 2,543 meters.



7. What is Bursa famous for?

Bursa is famous for several reasons:

  • It was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and holds significant historical and cultural importance.
  • Bursa is renowned for its traditional Turkish architecture, including the Grand Mosque, Green Mosque, Hudavendigar Mosque, and the historical houses in Cumalıkızık village.
  • It is famous for its silk production and the historical Bursa Silk Market (Koza Han), which was the last destination on the Silk Road.
  • Bursa is well-known for its thermal baths and spas, offering relaxation and wellness experiences.
  • The city is also popular for its culinary delights, including the famous Iskender Kebab.

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